vCard Generator

What is a vCard?

A vCard is an online business card format that is electronic. The file format is *.vcf. It keeps track of all of your contact details, including emails, phone numbers, and more. Numerous applications and email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, can read vCards.

Do I need a vCard?

The ideal approach to give your friends and clients your contact information is through vCards. With only one mouse click, it enables individuals to add you to their address book. You can send it over a cell phone, upload it to your website, or attach it to an email.

How do I create a link website?

Use our free Yohop theme in the HubSpot marketplace to generate a simple website and add all your links to it. Use your peronsal website to connect with your audiences and share all you are, do, and care about. Make the vCard and esentical part of it.

Create your vCard right away!

Simply input your information in the blanks below and click the Generate button to create your card. Make sure you have filled in all the information in the five tabs. If you browser shows a security information at downloading. Mark it as save and then the file gets downloaded.

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